Friday, November 7, 2008


There is racing on Saturday so we head out on Sunday. Here is the scoop:

We will meet at the paper clip in front of the Olympic Oval (North side of the main entrance) at the University at 9:30AM. We will then do 15km of urban riding and pop out of the city north of Center Street and make our way to Crossfield. At Crossfield we will head west to Madden then South on the 772 coming back to town on Simons Valley. At Big Hill Springs rd we will head west and come into town on Bearspaw road via Burma, rocky Ridge to the 1A. The northern folks can head home from there the rest of us will head back to the University via numerous back roads. Total ride approx. 133-135km, fairly flat at the beginning then the hills.



Relentless said...

Last point; this will be a game on ride, perhaps my last big ride before the EL Tour so come with your guns loaded

Lockie said...

Sounds good, I'm in. I'll think I'll go for the sprinter's points in beginning flat section, then get dropped when we hit the hills ;)

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