Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sunday morning spin at 9am...and Okotoks XC run on Sat.

I am covering Scott Curry's spin class on Sunday morning (Nov. 23rd) at 9am. All Mon. Wed. night spinners and ST Cycling members are more than welcome to join us. Same place, same great tunes.
Also, if anyone is interested in a low-key, cheap, awesome run raced on trails, the Okotoks XC is being held on Sat at noon. I will be there.



RobLukacs said...

I'll spin Sunday

Rui said...

I'm in

Mark said...

I can't make it. I have to jab needles in cows. Rui, this is your chance to continue your dominance on the bike ... you are going to need it. I did three rides yesterday.

Mark said...

All outdoors.

Andy H said...

I hope to. My knee has been bothering me for a few days, skipped Wednesday. If it is feeling OK I will be there.

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