Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SpeedTheory AGM Draws Huge Crowd

Thanks to Trev and the rest of the executive of the SpeedTheory Cycling Team for putting together the AGM tonight. As shown in these pictures, the first outside of Bugaboo Pub just before 8:30 pm and the second of Rob trying to get everyone's attention at the AGM, it was a truly large turnout. Over 15 Cat 5 riders have already signed up for next year's team as well as a large contigent of Cat 3,4 and 1-2 riders. Already we have a total of nearly 30 riders registered for next year and Winter hasn't even started yet!

The success of the team can in large part be credited to Trev who has instilled upon the team a sense of community and team work. This grssroots approach was Trev's concept from the start and it has caught on like a wildfire - bringing many new cyclists into the sport and making SpeedTheory a serious contender for top team in Alberta for 2009!

On a personal note, as a founder and owner of SpeedTheory, I want to thank all the cyclists who have trained and raced with the team in the past. You have not only been amazing ambassadors of SpeedTheory, but of team cycling in western Canada. You guys and gals have been the best possible advertising I could have ever asked for!

To the new team members, I just wanted to say welcome. Although sometimes it may feel like you are drinking from a fire hose, take as much of this in as you can. Leave your egos at home and come and learn - don't let fear of looking like a rookie get in the way of learning everything this amazing group of people has to offer!

Once again - thanks everyone - Enjoy Your Ride!



RobLukacs said...

I just pictured someone trying to drink from a fire hose.

Mark said...

It is not as fun as it sounds. Actually hurts.

Good work on the "death spin" and the AGM Trev!

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