Monday, December 8, 2008

The Sarah Conner

I've named Wed. night's workout 'The Sarah Conner'. You know when she was in the psych hospital and she knew one day all hell would break loose and she couldn't do anything to stop it? It was just a matter of time?

Well... all hell is going to break loose Wed. night before the AGM at spin. Bring protein and will to survive.
Rui... can you provide us with a heavy playlist? No pop, no light rock, and definately no "Barbie Girl".


Anonymous said...

Hi "Team",

I'm Andrew Wolaniuk cat 5, joined you guys for '09 season and will be taking the spin classes too (looking forward to suffering in the new year :)

It was my intent to come out Wednesday and meet some members but I will be traveling for work purposes.

Looking forward to meeting everyone in the New Year.

all the best,


Scott G-C said...

Sounds like a great night to come back after two weeks off of sleepless nights.

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