Friday, December 26, 2008

For Example...

As expected I haven't been able to do many workouts while I have been home for Christmas. But some people were interested in what to do when you are only able to get in a few workouts a week.

The key is to try to target most 'energy systems' every workout just to maintain what we've worked for during the fall. So....

Good warm up (15 - 30min).
4 - 5 X (10 - 15sec sprint, 2:50 nothing).
5 - 10min big gear, high resistance, low HR, low rpm set. 2-3min rest
3 - 5min small gear, high resistance, high HR, high rpm set.
5 - 10min cool down
4 X (more pumpkin pie)

Yesterday I had to cut the workout short, so I only did a few sprints and then the small gear set.

Even though I am not training like I was, doing a workout like this a few times a week will enable everyone to start our next ramp in January alright.

Of course, the more you do the better, so if you have time.... don't slack off... get in as many workouts as you can. As Rui would say "Only three workouts a week is loser talk".


Scott G-C said...

Thanks for putting this up.

Dan Sigouin said...

sorry guys for missing all of the workouts for the past few months, what the heck is pumpkin pie?

I'll be playing catch up big time!

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