Thursday, December 4, 2008

Team Communication

Guys, this year, to keep the crazy book/record/financial keeping down a little bit, I have decided to use Karelo (as most are aware). This is a departure from previous years where I have handled everything directly and I hope the end result will be an upgrade in the 'club experience' as it will free up some of my time so I can offer other cool things.

The primary reason for Karelo was for financial record keeping, but the second biggest reason was for club communication. Karelo offers an extremely simple way for me to contact you all and I am ensured I am dealing with a current list of members. I have been personally emailing some of you that are not on the 2009 Karelo list but I now feel like I am spamming you and will stop. Therefore, you will not receive any more club related emails which I assume is your own choice.

Anyway, some people are a little confused with the Karelo Club Registration, as they think it is coupled with sending in their forms to ABA. This is not the case. The form-sending to ABA will occur when you apply for your race license, and can be done completely on your own timeline. Being a 2009 CLUB member covers your insurance while training at a club authorized training event and venue as of Jan. 1st. This distinction between Club member and Race license holder is vague and was a point of discussion at the AGM. The advice given was to renew your Club and ABA Race memberships as soon as possible.

On another effective communication note: Rui flipped me the double-bird last night as I announced the second main set.


Rui said...

Yes!! I made the blog. This would never happen during race season.

RobLukacs said...

Sure doesn't sound like a winning attitude to me. Shand will detect that and pounce on it in a heartbeat.

PS - double-birds give you street credit in my books.

AndyH said...

I think that this behavior warrants an extra standing set for Rui only.

Scott G-C said...

Sounds like someone is doing a extra sprint next week.

Rui said...

Good point Rob. I guess my original post should have read
"This never happened during this past racing season". Andy, i'm in. It could only help. Nothing like a couple of good teammates to keep you honest. Thanks boys.

Mark said...

What a youthful mistake ... you never double bird the guy leading spin. Now the guy beside Trev (Jared in this case), you give him the single bird right in the middle of a "Trev wants to put us in hell" set. There are definite benefits to coming late and being at the back, the least of which being able to heckle Trev.

Anonymous said...

Hi "Team",

I'm Andrew Wolaniuk cat 5, joined you guys for '09 season and will be taking the spin classes too (looking forward to suffering in the new year :)

It was my intent to come out Wednesday and meet some members but I will be traveling for work purposes.

Looking forward to meeting everyone in the New Year.

all the best,


Anonymous said...


Will be great to have you on the team, I believe you may know some of the riders already from the Wed. night series with Crankmasters. Hope to see you starting in the new year.

Rod M.

Scott G-C said...

As off 11:04 am today, I am official a member of the team. Woooo Hooooo

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