Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another example...

I am having a lot of difficulty getting away for much more than 45min, so my workouts have been focused on burning calories, staying in shape, and maintanence a little. If you are in the same position as me and can't build through the holidays then you may need to change tack a bit.

A good 30min workout is the 'Mod/Medium/Mad' workout. Usually you would do this in race season or preparing for it. However, this workout is handy to ensure you get a quality 30min ride in and don't turn into a blob like your spin instructor. Basically choose a gear like 39/15 and start with a resistance that will leave you very warmed up in 10min, then directly into more resistance (same gear) for 10min. Then directly following that do 10min with as much resistance as you can handle for the full 10min.

Dallas Cain and I only had a bit of time yesterday so we raced on the treadmill. We did a 5km TT. This is a high intensity workout, and doesn't feel super at this time of year, but ensures your body doesn't forget you are an athlete.

What I did today was 15min hard warmup, 5 X 15sec sprint on 3min, 15min small ring as hard as I could to completion.

Basically, be creative and go hard if you have very limited time. If you have more time, then structured training like I suggested in spin class is the way to go. Either/or though, anything less would be loser talk.

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