Monday, December 29, 2008

Spin class cap ?

Guys, as the spin class starts to fill up.... and we continue to get pretty rad street cred for the quality and comraderie of the classes, I am pondering something.

Right now we have 14 ST Cycling members signed up for the class, and we have about 6 (Bonnie, Tracy, Mitzie, Diana, Kim, Lindsay, plus Lisa) other spinners, plus Alex and I....that makes 22 people signed up.

Should I stop the karelo sign up for us ST Cycling members? On one hand, Alex and I were saying having as many ST Cycling members attend is awesome, since we are the only club in town that trains like a 'team'. However we want to keep the quality high.

What ideas do you guys have to fit more people into our space? We can have more people at the front every class, as well as configure a bit differently. Do you guys think the quality goes down as the numbers go up past 20?


Rob said...

I'm pretty sure I'm signed up for the winter spins as well. Simple laws of physics though, there is only so much space. Either we find a new venue or we have to cap it.

Mark said...

Thanks for the reminder Trev, I had not registered yet. I agree with Rob on the cap.

Scott G-C said...
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Rob said...

I think I need to add to my previous comment. I think the spin quality is great no matter the number of people there. The issue is more space than anything.

Scott G-C said...

The more people in the room the closer it will feel like pack riding.

And I guess this means that more people are going to have to ride up between Alex and Trev.

P.S. I also have not official registered for the winter session, but I hope you included me in that 14 team members.

Trev said...

Scott, I simply took the total from the Karelo reg., so you would be another. Also, 3 more people have signed up since I posted that.

It's going to be tight, but we'll just have to get creative.


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