Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Three things

1.) We'll be having our AGM very shortly here. Last year we did it after a Spin Class at Bugaboo Pub just across the parking lot from SpeedTheory. This year we have waited a little too long to do that, but it will probably be on Dec. 14th at around 8:30pm. So those with kids can get them to bed and make it to the pub in plenty of time. If you would like anything on the agenda at the AGM personally, then email me and I will include it. If you are a potential member of our team, this is a perfect opportunity to come out and meet your potential new teammates. Please feel welcome to attend.

2.) Club Membership. To the right of this post is our 2010 membership link and here. Your membership expires on Dec. 31st. I generally try to get all current members that are planning on returning to sign up well before this date so we know who is coming back and also so their ride insurance doesn't lapse. So if you wouldn't mind signing up at your earliest convenience that would be great.

3.) Commemorative jersey: Thomas is going to handle this one in terms of the design (which you've seen already) and communicating with Champion-Systems. We have decided to stick with them since we all know there sizes and quality, so there will be no surprises. We are going to offer a full-zip jersey, shorts, and bibs for this run in both men's and women's sizing. This will make the process fast and efficient and keep the costs low. Watch for a post about this very soon. We need 25 to make this happen.


Scott G-C said...

Looking forward to 10 season.

Darcy G said...

I'm glad to hear we are sticking with Champion-Sys. I like the fit and quality of their stuff.

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