Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Speed Theory Cycling AGM, Dec. 16th at 8pm.

We will have our AGM on Dec. 16th. Diana has offered her more than ample house to host the event. It is about 1 block from SpeedTheory and located here.

The club has grown significantly in the last year and it has become necessary to assign responsibilities within the club's membership. I will be posting some 'positions' in the coming week and you can think whether you would like to take on any of the roles. I would really like to make this club a sustainable resource (not dependent on any one individual) for Alberta Cycling into the foreseeable future and we can start moving in that direction. It will be difficult for me at first to delegate key responsibilities, but I believe it is required to maintain a club of the current proportions and momentum. With taking on key responsibilities, you will have a say in the overall direction and focus of the club and its finances, which up to this point has rested on one individual.

If you think you can create a position that fills a void, or would add some key cool aspect or function to the club, then please let me know and we can discuss at the AGM. (An example would be Keith's complete addition of a CX race offered by ST Cycling. Something that wasn't there before and now is there and awesome) The main thing I want to impress upon anyone taking on a role is that it should be taken seriously for the term agreed to. By keeping the decision making and work done to a small number of people, it has been easy to ensure good quality/value (which is what I want this club to continue to be known for), but this will have to be assumed while more people come on board. It will be fun for me and fun for any potential 'board' members to see how much further we can take this club !!

POTENTIAL SPEED THEORY CYCLING MEMBERS. Please come to this event and check out if this club is up your alley and let it aid in your decision to join us. Current members can answer all your questions and get you pumped for the new year. Come out and have a beer on Speed Theory Cycling.

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