Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Commemorative Kit Order Form (UPDATED)

UPDATED .... We can order any 'short sleeve jersey' and it will count toward our minimum. So I have opened up the options on the spreadsheet for 'race cut' and all zipper lengths.


Here is the order form for the Commemorative Kit. Please fill this out and send it to Trev via the email in the spreadsheet. Please also forward payment to Trev via email money transfer asap.

We need a minimum order of 20 jerseys to make this happen. So if you were ever planning on getting this special limited edition team kit, now is the time!

Here is a PDF of the design. Note: the red in the pdf will be the same red as on our current kits.

**I had to do a slight modification to the design to stay within Speed Theory's Logo parameters.


RobLukacs said...

I tried to hit the order form link and it didn't work. Any other way of getting there?

Thomas said...

Sorry Rob, it should be working now.

paulr said...

Any mens full zip race cut option?

Trev said...

We need to get 25 of one style I believe. Therefore I simply went with the most popular choice from all three rounds. I would have preferred race cut as well, but we need the numbers for this one. We will clarify the minimums tomorrow.

Scott G-C said...

The jacket in this order form, is that in the new design or the old one.


Trev said...

New design one.

If we hit the minimum for the jerseys, then we can get any number of jackets.


Dennis said...

Are we allowed to wear this for ABA races?

Trev said...

You could if you were the only one in the road race, and you definitely could for an ITT. But it is too different to wear alongside the race kit. You could if everyone on the team got them, but I am not going to ask that since it is a fun thing.


Dennis said...

Ok, cool. I think this would be awesome training gear. I'm a big fan of visible clothing and with the extra red it's more visible to cars on the road so they can see you before they hit you.

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