Friday, December 18, 2009

Solid AGM

Thanks to everyone who came out to the AGM. And a big THANKS to Diana for hosting this meeting in her amazing house. I think we got a lot accomplished despite Ryan saying at several points through my talk he wished I would just wrap it up :)

Marcy and Kailee had some great ideas on how to really get the women out training and racing. Both of them have indicated our women's squad will be solid this year, and if it isn't, it's not for lack of trying.

Alex has indicated he is interested in doing the Sat. morning race sessions with another volunteer so you guys can switch off weekends. Please leave a comment if you can do this. I think it will be fun and there is nothing saying that the person leading the race sessions can't be part of the races!

I know Mike Healy will be great organizing fun and original racing formats for the WNS races we host!

Ryan has already put together some great Penticton Camp info and will be presenting it soon.

Rob and Darcy are going to be recruiting several other racers to ensure the new and old Cat4/5's have a great spring.

There are a few more things that will be developing after Christmas.

Thomas and I have your jersey order in to Champion Systems and they have already charged my MasterCard. So that is well on its way.



Dallas said...

Thanks for a great season Trev ! A chance to ride with the club for 2009 year was really cool.

Tom K said...

Thanks Trev for all your efforts to put such a fun and exciting team together. I think you had a bunch of helpers in the background too (Dallas et al); thank you as well.

Next year should be even better! Some of us newbies now have some experience with the racing gig and plan to do the team proud. Look out Cat 5- the train is-a-comin'

Giddy up!

Dan Sigouin said...

I think our drinking team has a cycling problem.
Not sure how I got so drunk there.

Wooley, you owe me 5 bucks.

Scott G-C said...


I am not a detective but I think that happens when you drink lots of beer.


Trev said...

You must not be a detective Scott, or you would have seen the 3 bottles of Tequila in Diana's hands coming up the stairs. :)


Scott G-C said...

See I forgot the number 1 rule in a drinking mystery the Tequila did it.

Dan Sigouin said...

I was pretty easy prey for Diana's reindeer games. I lack all forms of discipline and self control.

I should take the sumo of my handlebar and place a bottle of booze of the front of my bike. Every donkey needs a carrot right?!

Happy new year everyone.

Slayer Dan

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