Monday, December 14, 2009

Highway 549 and a gravel pit.

This was forwarded to me today.



Dennis said...

Doh. The meeting was on December 10. That really sucks... highway 549 is a great ride. :(

Dallas said...

Ya I saw this a while ago.
Thing is that County and it's residents have openly opposed Cycling 'events' in that area for some time now. From what I was told, the main reason was because of 'resident' uproar... about bicycles slowing down their drive etc.

Goes to show, that if a community actually supported local events like Bike Races, the area would be seen as a 'utilized' by recreational users... and possibly things like gravel pit development would be obstructed. Well I'd like to know how the residents feel now about gravel trucks vs. cyclists ?.

Dennis said...

Good point. I'm not sure why, but there is a surprisingly vocal anti-cycling group in Millarville. When Crankmasters held races there back a few years ago, they would get more resident complaints from one race than all the other races at other locations and years put together. Even today, I get rocks in my teeth from pickups accelerating past me at 120 km/h and the typical middle finger gestures. Would they react the same way to a horse and rider, or a piece of farm machinery? The road's not busy at all so I don't understand their reaction. Why bother living in the serene countryside if you can't relax?

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