Monday, December 14, 2009


Hopefully most members are planning on coming to hang out and mix it up with your teammates on Wed. It will be a pretty relaxed affair, with only a couple minutes dedicated to formal business. If you see anyone you don't recognize, make sure to make them feel welcome.

Also, if you want to, feel free to join in on the Spin Class starting at 6:30pm SHARP at the store. We are doing a relatively short, but tough workout before taking a hiatus for the Christmas holidays.

Please try to register for the club before the AGM !!

Check out this video. It is 27min long ?!?! and unedited, but flip ahead to when we're running along the 'cliff' or through the forested area in the trail. Pretty neat. I was really happy with how stable and good quality the video is. This is heavily compressed so you can stream it, but the original is very high quality.

Calgary Road Runners Silver Springs XC Race 2009 from Nerd Williams on Vimeo.


Thomas said...

That is way more stable than I thought it would be for having a cam stuck to your forehead.

Man that looks horrible, wheres the bikes?

Nice vid.

cablegrizzz said...

Hey Trev,

Great idea, and the quality was fairly good, especially since you were truckin'. Next time just start way at the back, so you can film us all. Cool toy.


cablegrizzz said...
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