Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another great one for the books. (UPDATE: with results)

Thanks to all the volunteers for making such a great event. Keith constructed an amazing course as usual and we had a great turn out for some solid racing.

Performances of note:

Shawn Bunnin destroying the field in Elite ... wow.
Katy Curtis getting 3rd in Expert Men.
A 38 racer Sport pack !



Keith Bayly said...

Thanks so much for the help everyone.

I think that was the best edition of the BKM yet.

What a great day!

Darcy, how are you doing after that body slam?

Jared Green said...

A big thanks to all of the volunteers, especially Keith. It looked like everyone was have a great time.

I was out watching with my daughter and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Darcy G said...

Hey guys,

My shoulder is still very sore and I don't have a lot of mobility with my right arm, but I don't have a headache, so that's a good sign. Had a good night's rest, so now I just have to play the waiting game, and check my health benefits to see if I can get some chiropractic work and massage therapy.

Thanks to Rick and Tanya for making sure I was a-ok!

Bow Cycle said...

Hey Guys,

Thank you STer's for putting on a great CX race.

Bob from Bow

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