Friday, October 1, 2010

Over the weekend events.

Mike Godfrey is heading down to the States to compete in the 'Huntsman World Senior Games'. This is a huge affair with over 10000 athletes !! The cycling component includes a Hill Climb, TT, Crit, and RR !! Pretty cool to offer all those disciplines! You can have a look at it here. Good lluck Mike !!

Dallas Morris is competing in the Furnace Creek 508. The total distance is in the name. 508miles ?!?! Here is a link to the course, and apparently there are over 75 athletes competing in this craziness. You can get updates on Twitter if you want. Also, there will be a webcast going that will apparently keep us updated as to Dallas' progress and whether he is winning or not. Good luck Dallas !!

Dark Knight Cross race at COP !! Fun to watch, fun to race, action starts at 8pm and ends around 10pm Sat. night.

River Park Classic XC. The perfect warm up to the cross race. Takes place in River Park on Sat. and is super fun running through the river and racing some fast dudes! Action starts at noon. Come watch an eclectic crowd racing on a course only nightmares could dream up!

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