Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cross'giving Weekend Race Report

Thanksgiving weekend, Speed Theory had good representation in each category at the Argyll Velodrome in Edmonton for the doubleheader Cyclocross races. Thanks goes out to Juventus and Red Bike for both doing an excellent job at creating a fantastic venue and a course that was loads of fun, and designed to be as much fun the 2nd day when it went in reverse direction. The course had technical sections, big ring hammer sections, short steep uphills with room to take a run at, and fun barrier sections. All of the action was located in an area for spectators to give their best cheers, shout outs, Keith Bayly heckling and loads of cowbell. I was able to provide entertainment for the crowd on Sunday by going way too fast in a downhill corner, busting through some tape, knocking out a stake, trying to overcorrect it, and hitting the ground. Thomas Y gets props for going over his bars in a technical hairpin descent, getting up and back on his back so fast it’s like it didn’t even happen.

Speed Theory racers earned some points, including a 1st place podium with a champagne pop that I clearly need to work on. Good times were had by all, and more are to be had this coming weekend with the Remington Cross for Kid’s race to be held on Sunday Oct 17 at COP. Tech guide and registration details can be found here:


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Awesome work Shawna!

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