Monday, October 25, 2010

Bag Left At Gold Bar Park

Howdy everyone,

Shawna did a great job summarizing the weekend's 'cross in Edmonton. I have to say I don't have much to contribute to the write-up: I was at the tail end of the sport races both days. However, I have a problem: I accidentally left my race gear backpack at Gold Bar Park. The fine folks at PRW found it, so it's accounted for in Edmonton, but I'm here in Calgary. So:

1. Are any ST folks heading to Edmonton this week? If so, could you pick it up for me?

2. Do any ST folks have friends or family coming to Calgary by the weekend, and would they be willing to act as a courier?

3. Are there any non-ST racers from Edmonton reading this blog (since the entire ABA seems to read our blog) coming down for the the Brian Kullman and Beans 'n' Barley races that could bring it with them?

If possible, I'd like to get it back for the weekend, as my race numbers (along with other needed bike stuff) are in the bag. If you're able to help out, please contact me at dgullacher[at] and we'll work on the logistics with Pedalhead Road Works.

Darcy Gullacher


Sandra Yaworski said...

Nice work guys. Wish my calf would heal!! so that I could race. Can't stand missing cyclocross!

Darcy G said...

I want to say a huge thanks to Chris Hooper's parents. They are picking up my forgotten backpack and bringing it to Calgary this weekend. Chris, you may want to ask them to not open the bag. I suspect my jersey and tights could be a little, um, ripe...

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