Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oct. 30th Cyclo-Cross race and Praire-Roubaix 2011

Brian Kullman Memorial CX race in a couple days !!

If you haven't registered for the CX race, sign up ! The weather looks like it is going to be perfect, Keith is designing the course, and it is the second last CX race in Calgary for 2010.
Registration is to the right of this post and the tech guide is there as well. Ensure to get there early to cheer on fellow racers and ensure you're not stressing out the volunteer signing people on. I can't wait to watch the action !

Prairie-Roubaix 2011.

Ask most racers in Alberta and a lot would say the PR2010 was one of their favourite races. The course was great, the atmosphere was contagious, and the racing was totally awesome. We hope to replicate this again in 2011.

I am in the process of doing everything correctly with RockyView asking them well in advance for permission to run this awesome race again. I think a big selling point would be if we could stage the riders and have volunteers parked on LaFarge's road (they were closed on the Sunday we held the race) on race day. The complaint we received was from a resident on Glendale Crescent. So it would be good to say we will have no activity what-so-ever on that small stretch of gravel road.

I am looking for someone to contact LaFarge and ask them if we could use their access road and maybe their parking area on Sunday April 17th. We have full insurance and they would be named on the certificate. We also wouldn't mind paying for an employee to be on site that day to ensure their interests.

A best case scenario would be if they got behind the idea of an awesome race and sponsored us somehow (maybe supplying the EMS or something) but for now let's target actually just getting permission to be on their property for a few hours.

Does anyone have any connection with this company? Or does anyone mind finding the right person to talk to and explaining our situation? The site were are concerned with is here.


Dennis said...

Would Lorie Holte know someone from LaFarge? If not, I've got a friend who's father *used* to work for LaFarge.

Bruce said...

Trev, LaFarge is a client of ours, Which Pit is it? and I will get you a contact

Trev said...

Thanks Bruce, it is the pit on Glendale road, otherwise known as Range Road 33A, or Township Road 264A.


Bruce said...

Trev, I sent you a E-mail yesterday to your ucalgary acct

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