Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Team Photos ordered, Cross wickedness, Spin Classes and Indoor Race Series.

I processed the order for the photos! I switched some of the photos to 8 X 12 size to reduce or eliminate the cropping required. I think they are all going to look great! Once I receive the order, I will make a post on how to come pick them up.

Cross season is in full swing and is as exciting as ever. I really encourage anyone who has not come out and watched an event to make it to the Oct. 17th race here in town. I will post details as soon as they are available. Also, our club is hosting our final race of the season Oct. 30th. It would be great to have a bunch of ST Cycling jackets lining the course and cheering every competitor. Bring cowbells, triangles, and/or cymbals !

The spin classes have started up and are in full swing already. It is great to see some faces I haven't seen in awhile, listen to good music, and get in a great workout. I have been slowly and methodically collecting Computrainers for use for the club (actually Paul has been doing the collecting, I have been providing the encouragement!) and have a grand idea of hosting a super fun indoor race series from Jan - Apr. With our 6 computrainers, we can hook them all up together and race each other using multirider software. We can set handicaps of 'lots of draft', 'no draft', etc, when pitting different abilities together for an indoor road race, or we could simply have a 6 mano-a-mano ITT go off in waves if we have 18 dudes or so. Great way to keep up the motivation when the weather gets nasty. Leave a comment if you would be interested in something like this. It is a significant time commitment setting it up and running it on my part, and I would like to get a feel for if it would be used.

See you soon,


roblukacs said...

I'd be up for the computrainers. If I can help out let me know.

Steve said...

Count me in and I am willing to help out as needed! - Steve W.

Robert said...

If I get to crush Clarke I'm in!

Clarke E said...

Sounds like a challenge...could /i have the full draft option? And the setting where it turns climbs into descents?

I'm definitely up for this.

Thomas said...

I'm in.

Marilyn said...

I want to race!

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