Monday, October 25, 2010

Provincial Cyclocross Championships

This weekend Speed Theory racers flocked north for the last set of Cross races Edmonton will host for the 2010 season. Saturday was Provincials in Devon, put on by United Cycle. The course was definitely a power course, with lots of tight corners, one sand pit with a playground in the middle of it, and one climb with a super fun descent. Also included was the infamous Agitator which has riders racing into a spiral formation and then out again. When another racer was heading in or out, you couldn’t tell which direction they were going and it felt like you were going to run into them. This was definitely my favorite part of the course. At the end of the day, we had two podium finishes presented with Alberta Provincial Championship medals. Keith Bayly got 3rd in the Master B Men, and I got 3rd in the Master Women category. After the medal presentation there were some amazing draw prizes, and Darcy G scored himself a sweet New Balance watch, making the trip worthwhile.

Sunday morning we were greeted with typical Cross weather with a rain/snow mix. Pedalhead Road Works hosted the race at Goldbar Park in Edmonton – home to an excellent cross country ski trail system. By the time the course was open for preride, the precipitation was out of the air, leaving the course wet and a little mucky. This was an awesome course, with lots of flow. There was loads of climbing/descending in a section that was suited for mountain bikes – definitely my favorite part of the course. Two sand pits, and lots of fast corners. In the Women’s race, I had my first experience with staying on a wheel and using tactics, making it a really fun race. The only other Speed Theory racers besides me were Darcy G and Chris Hooper. Darcy and I both managed to take advantage of the only spot on the course that wasn’t taped in our races, and kept going straight, instead of turning left. After I went through, they realized it should be taped so I didn’t have to make that mistake twice, as I’m pretty sure I would have.

Despite the chilly temperatures, it was an awesome weekend of racing. This weekend is the last of the Calgary races, which are sure to be highly attended. Saturday is our very own Speed Theory race (Tech guide is found over to the right), and Sunday is the Beans N’ Barley Halloween race, hosted by Terrascape Racing – costumes are highly encouraged!!

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Lockie said...

WOOT WOOT to Keith and Shawna, bringing home the hardware!! Way to go, guys! Party at your place so we can celebrate! ;)

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