Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fun poll for a pair of STC shoe covers... play fair!!

OK guys, I came across the complete prize money list for the 2011 TdF. Of course I went over the numbers and thought it would be fun to have a fun poll.

NO LOOKING ON THE NET, and if you have seen this list, you can't play!

Here is the question:

How much did Thomas Voeckler make in total prize money (in Euros) for the 2011 TdF?
Tiebreaker: How much did Cadel Evans make in total prize money (in Euros)?

No 'Price is Right' rules are in effect.

Answer like this:
1.) Thomas: 50 Euros
2.) Cadel: 150 Euros

Winner gets a brand new pair of sweet STC Shoe Covers !!

Any club member can play!, Leave your answer in a comment. Do not look at other's answers before leaving yours!


Thomas said...

Thomas: 40,000
Cadel: 250,000

Anonymous said...

Thomas: 25,000
Cadel: 200,000

Robert said...

Thomas 35000
Cadel 185000

Kel said...

Thomas: 100,000
Cadel: 450,000

Reinier said...

TV: 20,000
CE: 80,000

Jeff said...

Thomas: 100,000
Cadel: 450,000

Trev said...

The answer is:

Thomas: 83,790 euros.
Cadel: 485,540 euros.

So the winner is....

what ?!?!

Kelvin and Jeff guessed the same thing?? Even in the tie breaker ?!? Weird.

So the winner of ONE shoe cover is:
Kelvin Ng.
and the winner of the OTHER shoe cover is:
Jeff Ng.

I'll let you guys fight over who borrows the other shoe cover on what days.


Jeff said...

excellent!! since kelvin has not replied I will claim both of them, thanks trev!

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