Thursday, September 15, 2011

Midweek CX Series

What a race! Ok, so it's probably like every other Tuesday night cross race, but this past Tuesday was my first; and it was FUN!

It was a huge hammer fest - all out - for 5 laps. It is important to be at the front of these races, so I positioned myself about 10th at the start of the B race. It was really good that I did because 20 seconds later the pack encountered the first hill. It was tough going, and there was a corner on the hill where many people had to hop off because the person in front of them had slowed. After this hill the race was strung like spaghetti and everyone was hammering as hard as they could to regain position!

Lots of hills, straight sprints, and corners. At one point early in the race Derek passed me and I did my best to stay at the front. All I remember is trying to keep my mouth open so air would get forced into my lungs. This was totally the hardest race I've been in - and also the best!

I believe that Derek ended up 4th and I was 8th. Darcy was racing as well, but I pretty much collapsed after I crossed the line and didn't see his finish. Clarke and Kyle were racing the A race and had to suffer quite a bit harder from what I gather!

My brother, Phil, came out and took some pictures. Check out the rest of the album!


Robert said...

Why is Clarke always smiling?

Clarke E said...

I was thinking about how much I would be crushing you. I found that funny.

Robert said...

yes I suspose that would be funny. Funny in that peculiar way..

Clarke E said...

If anyone wants to join for a cross ride in the NW on Saturday, look here:

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