Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sweet Ride

Thanks Tom for organizing such a great day!
Although I wish otherwise, I think it maybe the last big group ride of the year...
Cheers everyone


shelley said...

Thanks Tom!

Steve P said...

Yea, that was a great route. Thanks for getting us motivated to get out.

Doug said...

Fantastic Route, even my own additions (not planned). Note to self stay attached next time. Fun ride for sure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks all for showing up. I think we had around 35 riders at the start or there abouts.
Going up Plumbers road my knee started screaming like a 12 year old girl at a Just Beiber concert. I thought it would just go away but any hill would cause it to flare up. Thanks Daryl and Stephen for holding up for me. I'm sure everyone was dryer than the Mojave desert in July by the time they got back to Bragg Creek.
I say we try to pull off one more large group ride before the snow flies. I'll look at the family schedule and scratch something together.

How was that format? Were the shorter options still too long for those who needed a short day? I realize it was a hilly ride (over 1300m vertical!) but it's a pretty sweet route. I might add it was precisely 110.96 km (according to my gizmometer) I have other similar routes but not as long or as scenic.
So... longer, shorter, flatter, steeper? Any preference? I can add in some gravel (I hear Mike loves gravel, we know Trev does). Let me know and I'll put one together in the next week or two.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot. The Cranky's are doing a ride this Saturday
Crankmasters October 1 Ride - Northwest Ride, start from Farmer's Market at 11am.

I have no other details

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