Monday, September 19, 2011

TNDR - Sept 22

Here is the route for Thursday: Please See the post on TNDR or Facebook site for guidelines...

It is different format from last week in terms of a race but a “winner” could be the person with the most “sprint” points at the end.

(quick version is head down to the river, up and down some hills, loop the university then head for refreshments)

Start at Moose McGuires/Redwater parking lot across from the Hospital. Off 16th Ave, 29th St NW.

Warm-up by heading south thought the Hospital, down 29th Street, across Memorial to the bike path along Edworthy park. This part should be straight forward and give people time to warm up. At the bike/pedestrian overpass cross back into Westmont and make way over to 19th St. (wide open new pavement/bike lane).

At 8th Ave (or 6th) take a right down to the end and begin a series of 3 Hill Sprints. Very straight forward and should be fun as the roads are fairly wide. (Sprints points for the first two or three over the top on each.) After the last one head up 19th Street west eventually coming to Crowchild. This is a natural re-grouping spot as we have to wait to cross Crowchild.

Once back on the other side of Crowchild its across 7th Ave, up 29th and back over to West Campus Way. Here is a good place to have a sprint to the children’s Hospital (Mega Points).

After a quick re-group it is two laps of the University as outlined. Only caution is between the Engineering parking lot and the connection with Campus Drive we have to ride from the road on to the sidewalk. This means Slowing down/neutral though this area! (Besafe or be buying a new rim) Then once back on 24th Ave it’s a drag race sprint on the second lap to the closed road called Collegiate Rd. (Ultra Mega Points)

Then I figured riding back the way we came thought the Hospital or depending, another lap of the Uni. It is approximately 29km long but with 5 good sprint points I think it should be fairly fun and give alternatives to riders who don’t want to sprint. Person with the most points wins free beer and bragging rights. (Panache and flair will garner more points then anything else.)

If I get time I'll flag the sprint lines.

Cheers - see you there.

"The rules are:
1) Obey the rules of the road (stop at lights, signs, etc).
2) You need a headlight and rear flasher. Keep the flasher on steady as it will be a distraction in a group ride setting if it is flashing.
3) Be smart and don't take stupid risk. DO NOT PASS ON PATHS.
4) it is OK to be competitive and there are great sections along this route to hammer, sprint, etc. See above.
5) This is totally unofficial and unsanctioned. Come at your own risk.
6) Encourage others to attend.
7) All bikes (fixed, single speed, road, cross) welcome."

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mdjoss said...

Anyone interested in doing this ride a little earlier tonight? I was thinking about heading out at around 6pm; same meeting spot.

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