Friday, September 23, 2011

Social Ride - All riders THIS Sat. the 24th !!

The 100 kilometer-er - Year end Social Ride - Saturday, Sept 24th
Ok, it’s a little more than 100km but it sounds better in round numbers. The 111-er doesn’t roll off the tongue as easy.

Total group ride. Like Highwood pass a month or so ago, everyone and their dog is welcome. This is a non STC sanctioned ride so bring anyone and everyone you want.

Go as hard or as slow as you see fit. Hammer the hills, or ride with your slower buddies. And by slower buddies, I mean me.

As Jimmy Buffet would say (if he was a cyclist) “The weather is here, my bike is so beautiful , the skies are so clear let’s go riding today”… ok whatever. The forecast is for 21 degrees and sunny.

This ride is awesome, beautiful scenery and lots of hills to cause some suffering - if you so choose. There are two crossings that you need to be cautious about on Highway 22.

If you are not so keen to do the entire distance there are lots of shorter routes. See here

The 70 kilometer - er

the 85 Kilometer- er

Or simply do an out and back and turnaround whenever you want.

You can ride out to the start to add in another 70 km or so for giggles

Meet Time: Saturday - Sept 24 9:30
Roll out time: 10:00 am
Location: Bragg Creek Coffee Shop (I owe them for a sausage roll.. they don’t take visa)


SimonF said...

Hey Tom, what date?

Tom said...

Sorry about that. This coming Saturday, Sept 24

Harley Borlee said...

would love to make this ride but gotta work this Saturday.

Doug said...

Sounds like a great idea see you all on Saturday.

Trev said...

Marilyn and I will be there.


Ryan said...

It's my effin b-day on Saturday! I'm so there.

cyclingphysio said...

I'm in for sure.

David B said...

I will be there.

Robert said...

I am in.

AlanO said...

Thought I could make it but now I can't.

DarcyG said...

Road bike is finally put back together. I'm in.

Peter McCrory said...

Is anyone out tomorrow morning from the southwest?

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