Sunday, September 4, 2011

TNDR is here...

There is a new bike ride/race coming to town. It is the Thursday Night Dark Ride or TNDR. It will be going every Thursday night at 9:00 PM until the weather craps out. This is an urban night ride that will incorporate streets, paths, parking lots and more. Distances will range from 30 - 40 KM and will end at some type of pub or casual restaurant for a pint.
... so put the kids to bed, finish studying/working and come on out for some late night racing fun.

The rules are:

1) Obey the rules of the road (stop at lights, signs, etc).

2) You need a headlight and rear flasher. Keep the flasher on steady as it will be a distraction in a group ride setting if it is flashing.

3) Be smart and don't take stupid risk. DO NOT PASS ON PATHS.

4) it is OK to be competitive and there are great sections along this route to hammer, sprint, etc. See above.

5) This is totally unofficial and unsanctioned. Come at your own risk.

6) Encourage others to attend.

7) All bikes (fixed, single speed, road, cross) welcome.

Facebook Group

Route Map



poonworks said...

can ANYONE show up?
(ie crankmasters members?)

c. poon

Thomas said...

These rides are being "organized" by the fellas at Team niklas. They're encouraging anyone who wants to participate to attend. As stated these rides are unofficial and unsanctioned, participate at your own risk.

Joel said...

Hey Clarence. Would be great to have some c4 s there. Please pass along to the c4 list. Jg

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