Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Spray Lakes Loop Ride .... logged it.

Well, that was a tough ride. Tomonator, Harley, Mike H, 'MC' Godfrey and I met at the Canmore Info Center at 9:30am in about 2 degrees. We had a tailwind as we rode the old Provincial ITT route along the 1A in the dawn. We headed toward Highway 1 after the Exshaw plant and only had to be on there for about 2km. We then turned directly into a killer headwind on Highway40 for the next roughly 45km to the gates of Highwood Pass.

We hung a right into the Kananaskis Lakes area, but instead of heading to Pocaterra, we hung another right about 3km later toward Spray Lakes and Canmore! Into a pretty brutal headwind, we entered the gravel portion of the ride. We were at 93km already and had 61km of gravel to go !! Holy cow.

156km later we were sitting at the Drake Inn enjoying a burger and a couple beers and talking about a massive ride that brought into some amazing terrain and beautiful scenery!

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