Friday, September 21, 2012

Crazy huge Cross races tomorrow and Sunday at Deerfoot Park!

Thomas crushing it.

The momentum has reached a fevered pitch and the action in Deerfoot park is going to be amazing!

The biggest category tomorrow will be the 'Sport' class and I think it will have about 60 people starting all at once and heading toward the tight corners all at once! This race starts at 11:00am and has quite a few STC members in it!  The next biggest is the race Thomas, Jared, and I are racing in, which starts at 1:30pm. The really fast crosstastic dudes start at 2:35.

This is a family friendly race environment with mass amounts of laps and tons of fun places to watch. So bring the family down and walk around the course cheering at the barriers, the steep hill, the fast single track, and the tight corners!
Derek playing with fire in his legs and lungs.

Here are all the details. There is also crazy racing on Sunday if you are busy tomorrow.



Steve P said...

This is going to be a sweet intro for Calgary CX!

There are a HUGE number of riders for this. I counted 78 in the sport category alone (but it doesn't differentiate sat/sun. I just assume everybody is a 'cool kid' and registered for both)

Ryan Kennedy said...

Too sick to start today. Wish I was there! Good luck!

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