Monday, September 10, 2012

Indoor cycling classes for this winter.

I know the Cyclocross season has just begun and the weather is still pretty rad for riding outside, but it is worth starting to think of what you are going to do for training while the daylight hours are short and the temperatures are not super bike friendly.

As most of you know, I teach coached indoor cycling classes all winter. This will be my 6th year! I have been able to develop and constantly tweak a progressive development cycling class that I am extremely proud of. It has turned out that my morning classes are the most popular as most 'corporate' cyclists find that if they don't get their training session in before work, it is really up in the air whether they can squeeze it in after their kids are asleep in the evening.

I have decided to start a new cycling class to mirror my current sold out morning class. This new class will be Wednesday and Friday at 6am. The classes usually runs about 70min long and my cyclists find they can be in the office by 7:30am if they work downtown. They are tailored to have you ready for race season by the end of April.

These classes are not just for the team or for racers, but are open to the public, so if you have a friend that doesn't have a good training option this winter, make sure to let him know about this.

Here is the link to my cycling class link on my website.

Hopefully see a lot of you Tues night at Midweek Mayhem Cyclocross action!!



Abdul Bari Chanessra said...

All class packages and memberships are valid on both cycling and yoga classes. We currently offer classes in both the morning and the evening

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