Sunday, September 16, 2012

MitoCanada Riding on Empty - Ride Report

A great day in the saddle yesterday for everyone. About 15 riders completed the 250 k ride from Bragg Creek to Canmore. A little chilly at the start but it warmed up nicely around Longview. Having a support vehicle with our food and the ability to drop off our jackets was pro. We were joined at the various rest stops by more riders - fresh legs to take us to Canmore.

ST members were Darryl Parry, Kyle Marcotte, Dan Alboiu and Ernie Cosman. We made it to Canmore after about eight and a half hours of riding and average 30 kmh. I think Darryl and Kyle were a little quicker. We met up with the trail runners, those guys ran 100 k from Bragg Creek to Canmore. Darcy Bell and Jeff Krar were there, quietly reflecting on their ordeal or else sleeping with their eyes open, not sure which. 250 k in the saddle was easy compared with their ~18 hour run. Some sage advice from Darcy when I asked him how was his run - "Mike I don't recommend it".

The Legion in Canmore served up some gourmet hamburgers for the after party and awards ceremony.

I'm sure it's not too late if anyone wanted to donate to this worthy cause, see Kyle's post below for the donation link.

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