Monday, September 17, 2012

Velodrome fun riding and/or races before the Gala?

Guys, I just found out we can rent the Velodrome to use for club instruction and fun. I am planning on renting the facility next year to have the Cat4/5 men and women in there with more experienced riders to have a controlled environment to teach cycling skills without having to contest the noise of traffic or have random BMW's trying to run us off the road.

I was thinking it may be super fun to rent the Velodrome for the few hours before the Gala on Oct. 12th to have some fun and/or silly races all on road bikes. Basically just having fun on bikes. Email me or leave a comment if you think that would be fun to do before we hit Tom's house for the Gala. People could even bring their kids to watch/play with their parents for bit before dropping them off at the babysitter and going to the Gala? If there is no snow, we could have a pick up soccer game for the kids in the in field?


Anonymous said...

Sounds great. If only I had some biv quads...I would crush all of you! Sadly,I have no quads.

Thomas said...

Cool, the track would be a great place to bomb around and have some fun and it would make a great venue for skills clinics.

Jennifer Joss said...

Love it!

Mark said...

I might be able to corner without wiping out! I'm in!

Lawrence Zalasky said...

I've never tried it but I hear it's great fun. I'm definitely in for this as well!


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