Monday, September 24, 2012

It's that time of year...

...when the darkness falls upon us earlier every day.

That means Thursday Night Dark Rides (TNDR) are back in action. Here's the details from Joel:

This Thursday we will kick things off at 8:00 PM. Meet outside OJ's (map [blue marker not the red one]). We will do one easy lap to get everyone used to the loop the reconvene back outside OJ's and then do 3 hard laps. The hard laps will start at around 8:20 PM. You can check out the ride I did last week which maps out the course

I created a few different segments which can be the sprint points. 

You need to have a light and a flasher. Ride smart. Ride easy across the river bridge and the pathway system. Call out any pedestrians and slow down if need be. The hammer can come out on Sifton, the KOM from the river and the sprint up 20th. These are the "safe" zones. Don't sprint or overtake on the pathways or in traffic. Keep it safe but fast and fun.

here is the facebook page


Trev said...

I am going to try to be there with my train light!

Anonymous said...

Can you put up an address for "OJ's". Never been. I'll at the back with a bright light for any slower guys.

Trev said...

I think it is 20th St. and 34th Ave.

We will rectify that 'Never been' with a Wraspberry Ale after the ride!


Thomas said...

Map added. It's the blue marker on the map not the red marker. Like Trev said 20st and 34ave.

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