Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Professional photos from the JayLap race!

I asked Adlai Majer of Revolve Photography to come shoot some photos of the JayLap since the Hillclimb and the Crit provide some awesome shooting opportunities and it is good to collect some shots for promotional material for the next year. The club was prepared to pay him for his services. Alternatively, he came up with a super idea. He would donate his time and expertise and host the photos on his site for sale with every penny of the proceeds going to our JayLap Charity with the Parks Foundation.

Pretty generous move on his part and a great way to continue to raise a little money for the JayLap Greenway Project.

Please visit here to see if you are featured in any of the shots and pick it up if you like it!

Thanks Adlai.

Speed Theory Cycling.


Callum said...

Was there any video? I could have sworn I saw a GoPro strapped to the back of the Motorbike, I would love to see any video that was taken.

Trev said...

I have the videos, but they are monster in size and since the wideangle is on, it is very tough to discern much. Next year we will use a narrow angle lens since the motorbike needs to stay quite a ways from the cyclists due to the accelerations sometimes.

Actually, next year, I hope to have a remote control helicopter for the filming !!


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