Saturday, May 3, 2014

MooseJaw Stage Race.

A few of the club ventured over to MooseJaw for the 3 race Stage Event this weekend. Just got a photo from Tom Kenny with this attached:  "Moosejaw crit on the tarmac on the military base. Pretty good course. Crash risk very low".
"The moosejaw spring classic is off to a rockin start. Don't ask why I'm in
Moosejaw but there's a race here and both me and young Brent are here to
represent. The hill climb is interesting with a few rollers at the bottom
and a steep section at the top. It ends on a flat 1/2 km burn. There was
snow in the air and thus a little chilly. It's a small field of riders so
the competition is not too deep. Brent managed 3rd place and I took 2nd.
The crit was very cool. It was on the air force base on the tarmac..."

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