Sunday, May 4, 2014

Days 4 through 6 in Penticton! 2014

Here are the next set of rides.  Firstly I would like to remind everyone that ear phones are not allowed at anytime on any ride with the group.

May 14th, Day 4 9:30 am:  This is will be the rest day at 72 km.  We will ride out to Summer Land and continue on to Camp Boyle.  We the return back to Summer Land and stop for a coffee and a treat.  (If someone can remind me of the name of the coffee that would be great!)  We then ride back to Penticton and meet up yet again for more treats at the Bench!  Sweet!  There is no real climb and very little elevation gain on this ride plus the pace will be casual.
Day 4 ride here.

May 15th, Day 5 8:00 am:  This is the first of the epic days, Mount Baldy!!!  There are 2 routes for this day, one up and over Mt Baldy and and one to the gravel.  Everyone rides out to Oliver together where we can pick up more water and have a quick bite.

The "to the gravel" route is 127 km as is as it sounds.  You ascend Mt Baldy until the road turns to gravel.  You then descend and continue on to Osoyoos and ascend Anarchist and meet the other group head on.  You may continue all the way up to the Sasquatch if you like.  We will regroup and have lunch again at the Timmies in Osoyoos.  After lunch we will return to OK falls via the highway then turn right onto Eastside Rd to return to Penticton.
Day 5 ride option 1 here.

The full route is truly an epic ride at 195 km with lots of gravel.  There are is no food or water between Oliver and Osoyoos so be sure to stalk up.  You will ride up and over Mt Baldy and then up and over Anarchist followed by a lunch stop again at best tasting Timmies in the whole world!!!  Yeah baby!  You then ride back to Pentiction on the same route as the shorter loop.  There is a good chance you'll forget your name on this route so maybe write it down somewhere, but don't worry, it will be Fun!!!!
Day 5 ride option 2 here.

May 16th, Day 6 9:00 am:  The 2nd epic day at 180 km.  Did you know B.C. also hosts the best Subway on the continent?!?!?!  Well it does, in a little place called Keremeos!!!  Super sweet!  This day we will ride the Iron Man Loop and Apex.  Correct!!! 2 major climbs again!  I know eh!  We ride out to Oliver for our 1st pit stop, 2nd pit stop in Osoyoos.  We leave Osoyoos ascending Ritcher Pass followed by lunch in Keremeos.  After lunch we continue up highway 3A then turn left up Green Mountain Rd.  We will regroup at the Apex Turn off.  4th stop is involuntary at the top of Apex where you will have a conversation with your-self about your true will loose this conversation.  :(    But hey, then you get to go home!
Day 6 ride here.

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