Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Few Points of Clairification

Most routes will have a shorter option.  I did not post these options due to time restraints.  If you are ever interested in a shorter route please ask me at any time and I will help you out and possibly find you a riding buddy.  The Speed Theory temporary insurance is available in the "Penticton Training Camp" link near the top of the blog.  Most importantly, it is everyone's best interest (believe me, I know whats best for you) to finish most rides at the Booster Juice located on Main Street just past Dawson Ave.

Also There will be several people around on May 18th.  We can plan a short "Ice Cream" or "Winery Ride" if anyone is interested.

Cheers everyone,


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Chuck J said...


Am I to take it that we aren't doing an 'ice cream' ride everyday? I'm bringing my euro-speedo's and my Mustang bike with the banana seat.

I've never been to one of these camps, just what do you guys do?

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