Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday Night Series... kicks off tonight!

Remember to get your Crankmaster 'Secondary' membership if you haven't already and that covers you for the 15 races in the Wednesday Night Series.

Follow the link on the top of this page or here to know when and where to meet tonight. It is a Time Trial this evening which is a great introductory session if you have never done a pure bike race before as you won't be racing in a group. Make sure to arrive early and get your name on list and meet club members if you are new.

How the event works is you put your name on the list and depending on how many people have already signed in, you get an associated start time. Beforehand, you have looked at the course map and know the course. These are small events. Know the course. Your start time will probably be anywhere between 6:30pm and 7pm. Then you'll see a line start forming on the side of the road. Get in that line and ask people what their start time is. Slot yourself accordingly. The racers will be set off in either 30 second or 1 minute intervals until the line is gone. When you start, wait for the volunteer to say 'go', then ride as fast as you can to the finish.

It is cool to hang out at the finish to cheer on riders that are still coming through as well as chat about the event and then ride back to the start in small groups. Make sure to thank all the volunteers a few times and head home!

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