Friday, May 9, 2014

Penticton Dinner Plans

Note The Updates Below

Everyone (but especially first-time camp attendees),

Doing tons of riding in Penticton is awesome, but so is socializing and meeting teammates. To encourage this, we're letting everyone know about evening dinner plans in advance. Some guidelines:

- No one is obligated to attend dinner. If you're planning to cook on your own, have a specific diet, or simply want to spend some time with your significant other or family, that's cool.
- We will aim for a dinner meeting time of between 6:30 pm and 7:00 pm, so everyone has a chance to get a little cleaned up after the ride. (We may adjust this as needed for the longer days)
- Right now I'm not planning to make reservations. We'll do a roll call on the Denny's parking lot in the morning to see who is all coming, and if we need to call ahead, we'll try our best.
- I'm looking for a volunteer or two to commit to being at the restaurant by 6:30 pm to get a table (or tables) and be the friendly face. If you can commit to a night, please comment below.

Sunday, May 11
Salty’s Beachhouse 
1000 Lakeshore Drive W

Monday, May 12
Pasta Factory
236 Martin Street
(Monday is Pasta Night)

Tuesday, May 13
Isshun Sushi
102 - 151 Front Street
(Draft Beer Night)

Wednesday, May 14
It's the rest day that includes at least two coffee stops, so I'm not setting up a restaurant plan for dinner. Joelle and me are spending the day together, so if someone wants to plan something, feel free to set something up.

Thursday, May 15
Boston Pizza
1900 Main Street
(Yes, I know this one's a little mainstream. But, we're in between two big days. We'll need a lot of food, and BP's provides a lot of food...)

Friday, May 16
Salty’s Beachhouse 
1000 Lakeshore Drive W
(Why's Salty's twice? Because they have an awesome patio. That's why.)

Saturday, May 17
Can anyone host a BBQ?
If no one bites, let's do Burger55
#84, 55 Front Street

Stay tuned for any changes...

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steven waters said...

I can help with the first couple of evenings.

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