Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The iconic WNS is back

Sprint finish of 2013 team race*
WNS 2014 starts May 21 and goes every Wednesday night till mid August, 15 weeks of racing. It's a Crankmasters event supported by Team Niklas and Speed Theory. For a change this year, Speed Theory will host the final 5 weeks racing so we have lots of time to get things organized. Stay tuned for further blogging.

The WNS blog is updated so I won't repeat what's written there. The link to the WNS blog is up on top.

*This represents the good and the bad of WNS -  more on this later.

They don't appear to know there's a bike race coming
We also try to emulate a stage of one of the grand tours, this year I am looking for a green field full of pink sheep, Northern Ireland Giro style. Let me know if you spot one like this.

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