Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 7 Ride

May 17, Day 7 8 am:  2 Options for this day, both big days.
1st is USA, Oroville, Loomis (220 km).  You will need your passport for this ride.  This is the longest but also the most flat day of the week. With that being said this ride needs to maintain a steady pace the entire day to ensure return time before sundown.  There are no shorter routes home on this loop either, once your into the states your fully committed.  Both groups will ride out to Oliver together with this group continuing on to Osoyoos via the standard route.  Traditionally the is a stop just before Palmer Lake at a convenience store with a lunch stop at the best Subway in the world located in Keremeos.  From there you will return home via highway 3A.

2nd ride is known as "Seven Summits" (143 km).  This route has a lot of ascending, mostly shorter stepper hills.  If you want to get better at hills...this is it.  Both groups will ride out to Oliver together.  In Oliver you will turn west and ride though town and start your first ascend.  2nd small climb is know as the "Secret Hill".  From there you continue up to the observatory then down to OK falls.  From there you get to play on "The Wall".  After that you will ride back into Penticton then climb up Carmi for the final climb.  Please note Lost Moose Lodge in now private property so we cannot veer of the main road once we reach the top.  Stops will be in Oliver and Ok Falls (2nd time).

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