Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I am proud of our club. Check out the list of riders we have for Sat. morning AND we are hosting the fricken thing!!

Look to the right to the link of '2008 Current Roster'. Do you think there is another club as well-rounded as that? I don't think so.

Everyone deserves to be super pumped with themselves and their club. Next year will be even better!

List of racers for Sat morning, that's 16 total !!:
Trev, A-Train, Stephen K, Sandra, Andy H., Rob L., Carl M., Mark S., Jared, Kyle, Lachlan, Mike G., Slayer Dan, Paul C., Tanya, Rob W..

Here is a picture of the A-Train stringing out the pack on the KOM from Road Provincials.

The picture was taken from Rod Tiedemann's Website where there are quite a few good shots.

Provincials Results / More race -reportish stuff: (by RobW)

Cat 1/2:
With a crashtastic start, the Cat1-2 group fell victim to surging attacks and sketchy pavement. After emptying the wheel car the gents were steadily whittled down over the ensuing 100k. Trev, fresh off his TR race, wasn't feeling the good sensations he wanted so he attacked his spandex covered ass off then retired after whipping the peleton into a frenzy. Jaret hung in as long as his wheels would let him but then had to bow out after stress testing a wheelset beyond the specified limit. This left Cyrus of HnR Block to awesomely break away and finish with time to spare. I think he should have stopped and moon walked across the line, but that's just me. Congrats to Cyrus and our guys for a job well done.

Cat 3:
Fast Legs Foaming at the Mouth Frank Woolstencroft took cat 3 this year chased closely by rising star Ben Adam. Frank is now officially out of excuses and will be punted up to cat1/2 where he had best don the colours of Speed Theory and he can proudly mess up a new kit. Despite having setup the winning break with a punishing burst of speed up the Killer Kilometer, A-train suffered a disastrous mechanical and had to abandon. Well done guys and may your deity of choice protect you when Alex gets his ride fixed. [Editor's Note: Ben Adam better be in ST Cycling Kit next year too !]

Cat 4:
Lockie, Mike and RobL represented in Cat4. RobL in his cat 4 debut was suffering a nasty cold but rode valiantly until his lungs gave out. MikeG and Lockie worked the peleton in a subtle fashion springing a healed up Lockie for second at the line. No finish line photos are available but you can bet Lockie was in his heads up sprinting form and worried about missing his tee time. MikeG finished ninth with the lead group at the finish. Kick ass show guys.

Sandra had her hands full in the ladies race as Pepper and Nik decided to form a tight team and time trial away from the main pack. Despite the punishing attacks Sandra road into 8th and into Speed Theory history as the most awesome female Speed Theory Athlete. Way to go Sandra.

Cat 5:
RobW, MarkS, Andy, Rui, rolled to the line for Cat5 and regulated the pack for the first 35k. RobW, trying his new conservative strategy of riding at the front, worked hard with Rui and Mark to keep things together until springing a trap (like everyone else) on the only trip over the killer K. Their job for the day being done, Mark and Rui pushed through the pain to the finish leaving Andy and Rob to challenge for Cat5 glory. Unfortunately Rob fell short missing the lead break bringing it in at 11th (many thanks to the large pulls of Lorne Dimitruk) and Andy crossed the line in 18th. A Stellar team effort and next season is full of promise for the Cat 5 crew.


Anonymous said...

We should try and get that goofy looking guy (2nd in the pic) to join for next year, maybe his team mate as well.

Rod M

Cyrus said...

Thanks for the link to the pictures Trev. Man, 14 guys Speed Theorists for the TT this weekend?! Impressive.

Rob said...

Nice pic Cyrus!

Oh A-Train, that looks like you broke out the hurt stick big time. Well done.

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