Monday, September 15, 2008

Many Thanks

I think a huge round of applause should go out to Trevor and all the others involved in the running of the team this year, we went from 15th to 2nd in one year.
It was awesome to see the team earn the respect of other teams this year and not be thought of as just a bunch of Tri guys.
Of course the riders who rode the races get credit for doing the work but without ( in my opinion) the motivation and leadership provided by Trevor the results would have been far different.


Rob said...

Amen, I second Rod's opinion. Rod, you haven't retired have you? I've missed your sunny disposition at the last few races . . .

Anonymous said...

I retire every year at the end of July. I will be back in April.
I try to leave you wanting more.

Rod M

polishbaba said...

Thanks Trev for organizing things and I know Alex you did alot as well. I know there are others so a general thanks.

Trev- thanks for your wheels on the hill climb. I am buying wheels for next season!

RobLukacs said...

15th to 2nd!! No big deal or must be because of our intimidating black and red digs!!

Definitely would like to throw out a big thanks to Trev, Alex and Rob for organizing much of our team this year. It helped a lot being the new guy knowing that there's always someone to answer the questions. Everyone helped out above and beyond just riding, volunteering at races and what not. That shows a lot in team dynamics so let's build on that and do even better next season!

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