Saturday, September 6, 2008

'Last Chance' ITT an overwhelming success!

Due to zero team registrations as of Thursday midnight, and zero members of any teams racing in the ITT this morning, it was deemed it would be irresponsible to the volunteers to hold a race with the SpeedTheory Cycling team as the only registrant. Therefore the race was cancelled. Hopefully racers will embrace this event better next year.

This unfortunate turn for the Prov. TTT should not overshadow the overwhelming success of the 'Last Chance' ITT held in the morning. The course was awesome, the start times right on time, and the results tabulated and announced very quickly.

Thanks to all our volunteers, and Carol Mayne especially.

Gideon Krishtalka was the overall winner of the event and locked in his ABA ITT Series Championship. Congratulations Gideon.

Full Results here.


Gideon said...

Too bad about the TTT - the timing just didn't work out for most people. Next year if we can keep it aligned with the provincial TT I'm sure it will be a success.

How about a provincial championship week? TT/ITT on one weekend, and RR/crit the next, or vice/ they do with Nationals...just a thought.

Thanks to the SpeedTheory gang and the volunteers for stepping up and putting on a great ITT event on a challenging course!


Anonymous said...

Too bad about the TTT! I was there for the ITT and some others were going to join me for a Bicisport mixed TTT team. Unfortunately, they were already on the way to Cochrane when they got news of the cancellation. I understand they met up with some guys from Edmonton who were also out to ride the TTT and went for a social ride.

It is a challenge to put a team together and it was only with the last minute rule change that we managed it. Hopefully it will work out next year!


Anonymous said...

Awesome job organizing both days of racing this season Trev. Hearding all the cats can't be easy.

Paul C.

Kyle Marcotte said...

Impressive event and riding by the organizers and racers.

I don't know when I got so slow at these?

Anonymous said...

Wow that chick in the first pictures is Hot!!!!


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