Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Preliminary Race Report: Provincials

In a world gone crazy with potholes, hills, omnidirectional headwinds and people clad in spandex one team stands against the tyranny of voids in carbon composite equipment: Speed Theory.

On a course designed to separate the wheat from the chaff the imposing figures decked in red and black met their foes. The aftermath is not fully clear but Lockie took second in the Cat4 ranks after dishing out the maximum suffering he could ahead of his 3:30pm tee time. This will provide A-Train, Stephen, Jason, and Kristian with another potent teammate as Lockie will move up to Cat3 in a hurry. In Cat5 RobW rolled in 11th after dragging the cat5 peleton around cochrane for 40k (yes at the front as usual, but with some excellent help from MarkS, Rui, and Andy).

More as it develops . . .

Hopefully see most of you on Sat. morning ! Make sure to comment below if you are racing or volunteering.

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