Monday, September 15, 2008

Race Report: HC Provincials at Mt. Norquay

Hello again racing fans, I am pleased to report on SpeedTheory's race efforts at the final race in the ARC standings, the Hill Climb Provincials hosted by Cyclemeisters (Bow Cycle) at the lovely Mt. Norquay in Banff National Park.

Before we get to the meat of the matter a huge props to the Speed Theory crew, attending in force were: Sandra, SteveG, MarkS, MikeG, RyanM, RobW, AlexS, TrevW, AndyH, CarlM, and MikeH (our own casey gibson). Compared to years past this turnout is epic. Thanks for coming out, it's possible this thrust of attendance may have put us in a position to catch HnR Block in the team ARC standings . . .

Sandra and Steve raced in the Master categories and put on some serious hurt. SteveG returning from some serious back injuries burned up the hill in 17:30 and placed 5th while Sandra stomped to a 19:30 and placed second. Fantastic work!

MarkS showed some serious grit racing a hill climb after hiking hardcore in the mountains the day before. Despite having enough lactic acid in his legs to kill a bear he stopped the clock at 21:15 and clinched 15th. Andy Hill, racing pain free for the first time this season thanks to an errant pot hole, powered up in 18:54 to take 12th. Carl, taking what could be his final ride on his Giant (aka le Tank), stomped up the hill in a furious 17 minutes to take 4th. Rob, riding a borrowed Cervelo R3 SL, scampered up the hill in 16:43 and took 2nd to the wily Darcy of Bicisport. Congrats to our cat5s who represented strongly all season long.

MikeG was in Cat4 and spun furiously under the radar to 9th place in 16:33. A great show by our stalwart veteran.

With FrankieFastLegs out splashing around in some triathlon-type activity the door was open in Cat 3 for someone to take HC honors out of his foamy clutches. The A-Train stoked the fires and powered up the hill in a blistering 15:25 to seal 5th place. Ryan Murray came out of an IMC imposed retirement and put the hurt on to take second place. Ryan is now training hard for his next big race, parenthood!

Cat 1/2:
Trev was our lone operative in cat 1/2 and put in a burrito powered 14:02 to take 4th. Gideon of HnR took the top honors and a huge congrats to him, especially for making Trev ride like he stole something in the last section of the race.

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Great work, lads!!

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