Wednesday, September 24, 2008

DC - The Road to Kona

In the world of internet and triathlon I feel bad crushing the release of the P4 by debuting the "dallas cain - road to kona blog" on the same day. After seeing the bike I think this could be a tough day for Cervelo and me.

I am excited that Trev asked me to do this but my writing is right up there with my swimming so you will have to bare with me a bit. I will try and keep these as short and interesting as I can. I enjoy reading other peoples blog entries on their racing and training, so I hope this isn’t as lame as it sounds to me.

Quick introduction, I grew up in Cranbrook, BC. My athletic background is in hockey, skateboarding, and mountain biking. I work as a metal fabricator in Trail, BC and live close by in Rossland, BC. My family runs, a lot. I started running when I was twelve, usually at night so none of my friends would know; always for fun and have kept it going ever since. I started triathlon a few years ago after running in some team events at Charlie’s races around Cranbrook. I met Paul , Trev, and Charlie the first year I started the sport and even though I was riding a 62cm, bright yellow, 650c wheel Cannondale, they where willing to give me some tips and let me ride bikes with them.

I wanted to keep these short so I will break them up a bit. I want to write about this summer; with racing and a wedding and IMC it was a long but fun couple months.

Almost bike porn and sponsor stuff; I picked the mail yesterday and the CEEPO Venom has arrived. I will post some pics once it is built up. I would like to give a Slow Twitch worthy build report with the Red, Zipp Vuka, SRM, and ZG brakes, but in real life I took my road bike + wife’s tri bike in and will piece together a new whip.

And the Kona training build up. Everything so far has gone well. I will get into the numbers and goals if anyone is interested, maybe more for the feedback than anything else.

If this is already way to lame then let me know and I will bail early. I look forward to being a part of the ST Cat 5 team next year and riding bikes with you guys.

until next time (I hope).



Rob said...

DC, welcome! First off, you've got the easiest and best nickname: DC. This is going to be stellar in a race report next season: and at the halfway point we ramped up and applied 15amps DC.

Congrats on the IMC and subsequent Kona gig. As a strict roadie you Tri people kill me! I'm looking forward to the bloggery.

Yet another super fast cat5-er!

Dan Sigouin said...

Hey Dallas,

Good job on the racing this year.

I look forward to reading your posts about the training and race prep. Don't worry if you get wordy, all my posts are like Steven King novels!

Have a great race in Kona and get ready for some Cat5 action next year.

Dan Sigouin

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