Thursday, January 1, 2009

Spin Classes for 2009 and 2010

This year everyone will be signing up for the spin classes this way. It will alleviate the work done by the crew at SpeedTheory and should be easier.

The Mon. and Wed. night spin class

Starting at 6:30pm. This class has no ability criteria, however, it is a class designed to get you ready to race. I don't care if you are racing off the front, or racing a PB, or racing to commute faster. It is not a fitness class, and we don't make pretty sets to pass the time. We spend our precious time in the saddle getting faster on the bike and talking / getting pumped about racing. There are no egos at this class, everyone is the same speed on a trainer. If you are a triathlete, this class will likely make you faster even on the run. This year, we will include a solid stretching and core session after each spin. Learning from the last two years, I think we need to spend a few more minutes on core over the winter. This class will run from Oct. 12th to Dec. 16th. Great music, good company, and smart workouts. This class is $210 per semester and will be capped at a hard 20 spinners. It has typically sold out quickly.

I am offering an option this year to choose, 'Mon. Wed. with direction'. This is in response to the constant questions I receive pertaining to what an athlete should be doing during the other 5 days of the week to better prepare themselves for race season. With this option, I will outline and plan cycling workouts for you based on your goals (bike racing/tri/commuter Olympics) for the race season. I will endeavour to make these workouts very specific for your needs, but with this agreement, it won't be full-time personal coaching. I will limit the amount of entries for this category to ensure high quality as usual. You will receive a winter workout progression that works if you are consistent and motivated. This option will be $370 per semester.

Tues night, Sun morning class option

This will be exactly the same as the Mon/Wed option except at different times.

Tues night at 7pm, Sun morning at 9am. This class will run from Oct. 13th to Dec 20th. Remember the limit on this class will be 15 athletes. This class will be $210 per semester, or $370 if you choose the option With Direction.

This year, I am pleased to announce that we will have 2 - 4 Computrainers at my disposal to make our classes even more beneficial and make you faster. We will use them for periodic testing, racing, and having fun competitions (motivation). We will have them in Multi-Rider formation with full Coaching software, so I can analyse your data and give you suggestions.

Both spin sessions will resume with the same options on Jan 11th to March 28th 2010.

Both spin sessions start out roughly 1.5 hours in length total (bike + core) and get longer through the season. We have several bigger sessions through the season as well as a few shorter during lower weeks.

Since we can't live somewhere that hot all year, at least we can train to take advantage of the times it is! If you have any questions about the spin class or me, Trev, don't hesitate to email me at willit [at] ucalgary [dot] ca. Also, this spin class requires that you bring your bike, trainer, and mat/towel to every class. We train on what we ride!

Thank you,

Mon. Wed. Spin class Oct. 12th to Dec 16th 2009
Mon. Wed. Spin WITH Direction Oct. 12th to Dec 16th 2009
Tues. Sun. Spin class Oct. 13th to Dec 20th 2009
Tues. Sun. Spin WITH Direction Oct. 13th to Dec 20th 2009
Mon. Wed. Spin class Jan. 11th to Mar 24th 2010

Mon. Wed. Spin WITH Direction Jan. 11th to Mar 24th 2010

Tues. Sun. Spin WITH Direction Jan. 12th to Mar 28th 2010
Contact me.

Tues. Sun. Spin class Jan. 12th to Mar 28th 2010
Contact me.

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