Sunday, November 29, 2009

Monday night at 6:30pm.

If any of you guys are around your computers at 6:30pm on Monday, please go to this website:

and leave a comment if it is working for you. If you can hear the music and me talking. I want to get several different people trying this out to see if it is stable.

We are hoping to start streaming our spins for satellite groups like Tom Kenny's Garage Gang and such.



Matt Mackay said...

That's the coolest idea ever Trev! is it a two way feed so we can have our web cams on? then we could all interact. Not sure how you would display multiple web video feeds on your end though?

Steve P said...

Frieking awesome!

Speed Theory Admin said...

It may eventually be that way. But not for this initial test. I expect the sound will need some serious tweaking and the camera angle etc. So for this test, we'll just keep it to us streaming and you watching. The camera will be located by the rear computer for tonight, it is just on the mechanics bench, so you will only see Andy and Rui's butt, but soon we'll mount it up higher so we get less hits from the chicks :)


Darcy G said...

Yep, it works! Have fun, guys. I'm off to rep Speed Theory at the Oval program.


Dennis said...

Works ok from the Toronto airport. Voice is fine with no jitter, although a bit quiet. Video has periodic jitter but still viewable.

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