Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Devon Cat 4 Road Race Report

To make a long story short, the Cat 4 road race went pretty well for the team. With me sitting in 3rd on GC Dave and Ferenc selflessly offered to put in work to hopefully move me up a place or two. Dave did a massive amount of work riding super aggressively, launching a number of attacks to wear out my fellow GC competitors (Dave was 4th on GC so they had to go with him).

By the second half of the race we were down to a group of five riders including Ferenc, myself and the #1 and #2 GC riders. Ferenc put in a ton of work protecting me from the attacks and allowing me to save my legs as much as possible for the finish. In the end Ferenc unleashed an awesome sprint to finish 3rd (and move up to 4th on GC) and I managed to finish strong enough (4th) to move up to 2nd on the final GC thanks to the hard work by my team-mates. A very solid, very fun day of racing for the Cat 4 STers. Thanks Ferenc and Dave!

ps - the pic is from the crit where we worked together and managed to finish with 3 in the top 7 as well - not bad!


Ferenc said...

Hoop, great racing, you picked up upgrade points in every single event! Amazing! We should highlight your 3rd place and Dave's great performance in the ITT as well.

The team work on the mass start events was as good as it gets, I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. Well, maybe except when I suffered like hell :)

mdjoss said...

Nicely done! Congrats to all you guys on your great results.

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